The Practice Startup offers a wide array of services in an effort to help therapists nationwide become successful practice owners. Whether you are thinking about starting a practice or have been practicing for years we can help.

The Practice Startup Master Class

The master class is designed for all therapists. No matter what stage of the business cycle your practice is in the master class can help. The program consists of 14 modules with 30 hours of instructional video and curriculum, book references, inspirational and instructional videos along with TEDx talks for every module.

Master Class Modules

Coaching and Mentoring Programs

Our coaching and mentoring programs are designed to give our clients direct contact with our staff. We believe our protocols help clients start, run, scale and ultimately sell their practices. Our services offer five tiers designed to meet your specific needs.

Annual Conference

Our annual conference is designed to bring the latest in cutting edge business information and technology relative to the private practice owner. Our annual conference is designed to be an experience where lasting relationships and community are developed.

Blogging Collaboration

Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” We take those words to heart and in an effort to fulfill that call to action we offer collaboration with Bloggers where we help to get their content out to a large national audience on a consistent basis.

Podcasting Collaboration

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Advertisement of client’s trainings

We consistently seek opportunities that can be offered to our community. To that end we offer clients the opportunity to advertise their personal training.