February 1-2, Houston

The Texas Private Practice Summit

Grow your mental health practice with expert guidance.

Develop the Skills They Don't Teach in Grad School

We don't believe in keeping secrets. That's why The Private Practice National Conference offers insight into attorney-approved paperwork, digital marketing for mental health pros, websites that attract new clients, and business plans that give you financial security.

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There's nothing keeping you from creating a six-figure private practice.
Let us help you build your future.

Our Presenters

  • Successful mental health professionals
  • Digital marketing industry leaders
  • Support professionals (attorneys, accountants, insurance pros)


Who is The Private Practice National Conference for?

  • Mental health professionals who need help starting a successful private practice
  • Seasoned pros who want to refresh, reboot and monetize their existing practice
  • Therapists and counselors who are eager to build a professional network and community

"I’ve known Chris 10 years and I’ve been around The Practice Startup since it’s inception. As a therapist I can assure you there is nothing in our space that comes close to what The Practice Startup does. It’s the encyclopedia of understanding all the business aspects of running a private practice."

Natalie, LMHC Tampa Bay

"I’ve known Chris for a long time and one thing I know for sure is this; he’s a solid therapist and The Practice Startup is nothing short of phenomenal with respect to helping therapists understand the business of their business. I highly recommend The Practice Startup and look forward to the National Conference"

Jenny, LMHC Tampa Bay

"I’ve known Chris for 40 years. He understands the intricacies of business at both the micro and macro levels and is extremely talented. The Practice Startup encapsulates 40 years of his personal experience in business. I highly recommend attending The Private Practice National Conference if you want to take your practice to the next level."

David Pernas, CPA

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Featured Speakers

  • Chris Cambas The Practice Startup, CEO


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